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    Dale started the conversation

    I added the time description script and it seemed to work fine. I went into admin to edit descriptions for the first week of January because I could not access this from user login.

    After manually editing the first weeks time descriptions for login and logout, I assumed the following week everything was fine because it asked me to enter this description every time I logged in or logged out.

    Went in today to view in user account and forgot this does not show up there, not sure why though, a user should be at least able to see their time description even if they cannot edit them.

    I then logged out and logged back in as admin to find no recent time descriptions since I edited them manually after the installation. I went into database and verified that descriptions I had manually edited were there, but anything I had entered via smartphone when logging in our out was totally missing.

    Do you have an idea what is keeping the time descriptions from writing to the database?

    Please help, I don't want to have to go back and try to remember every week what I had done.

    Will await reply, and thank you in advance.

    Dale O. Longenecker Jr.

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    Dale replied

    Ok, I think I understand a little better, but here are my results.

    I left an employee being able to edit their time off, so they cannot cheat so to speak. When the edit is turned off, their time descriptions do not record in the database.

    I re-read the instructions, and turned on editing to give it a try.

    Once I turned on editing for employees time cards, their time descriptions were captured  mobile phone.

    Seems there is a slight logic error with the script. Time descriptions should record regardless if the employee can edit their time or not. Now to capture their descriptions, I have to allow them to edit their time. Just confused if this was what was intended.

    Either way, time descriptions are not showing for an employee when they login to their own account, they only show up in the admin report section.

    Just wanted to give you more info as to what I found.

    Time description capability requires employee editing to be turned on, or it will not record descriptions in database. If this is desired intention, then your manual may need to be edited to reflect this.

    For now, other than an employee being able to edit their time, which I don't want, the time description seems to be recording.

    Thanks for your looking into how this is working n your end, or if I am doing something wrong. Employees cannot see their time descriptions in their account logins.

    Thanks again, Dale

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    Influx replied

    Hi Dale, 

    Thanks for getting in touch. 

    It took me a little while to see what you are saying but I understand now. 

    I believe this is a slight error in logic that I'd like the developer to take a look at. 

    Editing this may be a bit tricky as well. 

    Look forward to some feedback on this soon. 


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    Dale replied

    Perhaps it could be solved in a reverse approach.

    Since you have to allow editing for time descriptions to record in database, maybe rename that function in admin settings as enable or allow time descriptions for login/logout. Checked means they record, unchecked they don't. If possible remove time "editing" from the code for that particular function (unless this breaks the time descriptions in the process).

    If the above works by removing the time editing function from the code, then simply rewrite a second option in the admin settings to accomplish the time editing function with its own checkbox. This way you don't have to try and debug the above code if it allows you to remove time editing code, and still have time descriptions work as an option so to speak.

    Once this is solved, it would be nice to have the time descriptions be visible in the users section, even if they aren't editable. Personally, I like time editing and time description editing to have to be done by admin, since I haven't seen a way to view the original input after making the changes. You have to take the employees word in this case since I haven't seen a history for this. I want them to be more accountable to get it right the first time.

    Maybe I have not seen an edit history because time description were not working for me, or I have just not found it yet.

    Either way, the script it is at least working for me at this point, so simply let me know if any updates become available in the future.

    Thanks again, Dale

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    Influx replied

    HI Dale, 

    Sorry for the delay and thanks for your feedback. 

    I'll send your findings up to the developer. She should have a greater understanding of how to accommodate for this. 

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or comments. 


  • Billy replied

    Has there been any advance with this issue. I am having a similar problem.