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Question about favicon


  • Richard started the conversation

    I would like to know if it is possible to change the logo to my own as well as add my own favicon? Thank you. 

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    Influx replied

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    You need to be able to write HTML/CSS code to make these kind of customization. The easiest way to change the look is by editing the default CSS files named "styles.css" and "custom.css". Both of these files can be found in the css folder.

    Reside uses a few images for the different logos and page background.

    • Main Background: images/bg.png (400px x 400px)
    • Header Logo: images/logo.png (169px x 35px)
    • Signin Logo: images/signin-logo.png (300px x 60px)
    • CAPTCHA Image Background: images/captcha.png (125px x 32px)

    The icons used in the sorting images for all dataTables are located in images/sorts folder.

    Icons are generated from an Icon Font: Font Awesome (version 4.3.0). Check out all of Font Awesome's icons & usage at: http://fontawesome.io

    I hope this info helps.